The Best All You Can Eat Restaurants In Jakarta

The Best All You Can Eat Restaurants In Jakarta

Is your stomach currently rambling because you can not find a way to keep the hunger down? Are you currently trying to quench your hunger by stuffing up unlimited amount of food in to your stomach? Worry not! If you are in Jakarta, these all you can eat restaurants are guaranteed not only to fill your stomach, but also keep you coming back for more.

1. Gyu kaku

Credit: Bing

Price per pax: starting from IDR238.000 (regular buffet)

If you are in the mood for grills, you might want to visit this restaurant that offers you varieties of beef and chicken. Gyu Kaku offers both buffet and a la carte menu for you to choose.

What makes this restaurant extraordinary lies in the quality of the beef cut and the variations of the sauces on the beef. From garlic karubi, to dragon karubi, and then its thick beef tongue. Now, surely only by mentioning a very few of Gyu Kaku’s menu, your mind is somewhere between biting those juicy meat and smelling the meat being grilled in front of you.

While you are offered the meat selections, you can also get side dishes for free.

2. Shaburi

Credit: Skyeyes

Price per pax: starting from IDR153.000 (regular shabu)

You’re not down for yakiniku? have no worry! You can visit Shaburi if you prefer “warmer” meal with soup and lots of vegetables. This restaurant is very famous in Jakarta and they have several branches. So, you don’t have to hustle to get here as you only need to find the nearest mall and you’re set.

Shaburi has a very good meat quality and if you are down for a little bit more of a premium cut, you should try their special shabu menu. They offer 1 additional beef type (angus beef) to regular shabu.

3. Momo Paradise

Credit: Julian Yeh

Price per pax: starting from IDR188.000 (US Beef)

If you have tried Shaburi before and now looking to find something new, you might want to give Momo Paradise a visit. This restaurant chain entered Indonesia in 2017. Momo Paradise has been serving great shabu since 1992. It is now famous not only in Asia but also in the United States.

Momo Paradise might be the only all you can eat shabu restaurant that claims no MSG usage. Additionally, they do have high standard in importing their beef. While in the menu selections, they offer original soup, sukiyaki, mushroom soup, to spicy miso.

4. Oppa Galbi

Price per pax: Starting from IDR100.000

Moving on to Korean food, Oppa Galbi might just take away your starvings for spicy and tasty food. It is an all you can eat Korean barbecue that not only serves you premium beef cuts, but also Korean side dishes such as Kimchi, or Japchae (Korean noodles).

5. Steak 21

Price per pax: starting from IDR188.000 (Paket A Regular)

Steak 21 might be the only all you can eat restaurant in this list that serves you Western menu. What can beat the sensation of eating great steak? And better yet, you get to enjoy it unlimitedly. So to simplify, you get to eat steak buffet at Steak 21.

This restaurant garnish their raw meat with Italian herbs and paprika thyme to enliven the richness in the taste.

These are 5 of the best all you can eat restaurants that you can find in Jakarta. Which one is your favorite?

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