7 Must Try Bars With Great Live Music In Jakarta

7 Must Try Bars With Great Live Music In Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is packed with over 10 millions of people and it is currently the most potential city in Jakarta for business. With this in mind, Jakarta has grown to be a giant metropolitan with more and more modern entertainment in it.

When you hear the word Jakarta for the first time, you might not think much of it. But, when you mention Jakarta to the people who know, they are likely to associate the city with nightclubs, bars, or malls. It is true though, Jakarta has hundreds of bars and night clubs. But, the vibes and scenes of each bar can be categorized into several categories. For example, you have bars filled with crazy rich Jakartans, but there are also bars specifically designed to enjoy certain types of dance.

If you are in the city and a little bit confused on where to go, here are the 7 best bars with great live music that you must visit.

1. Beer Brother

Photo Credit: Beer Brother Kemang

Location: Jl. Taman Kemang II No.28
Price: IDR300.000 / 2 persons
Dresscode: casual

If you are looking for a place to enjoy towers of beer with great selection of food, this is the place. Beer Brother is normally very crowded during Friday and Saturday night. It does not have minimum charge per person or per table so, if you are low on budget and not opting to spend too much money on a bar, you can always visit Beer Brother.

What makes Beer Brother memorable is the live band that really engages with the crowd.

If you wanna experience the band better, asking to be seated downstairs is not a bad idea. However, be sure that everyone has arrived to the bar before asking to be seated as they won’t place your table if you are still waiting for your friends.

2. Shamrock Kitchen & Bar

Location: Jl. Dr. Saharjo, Menteng
Price: IDR200.000 / 2 persons
Dresscode: smart casual

This newly opened kitchen and bar has definitely been attracting a lot of attention. Shamrock is still managed under the same group with Camden bar. However, Shamrock has a more elegant design and personally, the vibe feels similar to La Favela Bali, which is a great thing.

If you want to get drunk and show your dance moves, you can hang around on the indoor area. By midnight, the band starts to play killer songs and everyone normally starts moving to the dance floor.

However, if you prefer to sit, drink and just have a nice chit chat with your friends, you can ask to be seated in the outdoor area. It is much quieter there and you can also move more freely as not many people will dance there.

3. Baxtersmith Dining

Photo Credit: baxtersmithjkt

Location: Jl. Suryo No.28, Senopati
Price: IDR400.000 / 2 persons
Dresscode: smart casual

Senopati, the area is full of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. In this area, you can find Baxtersmith Dining that takes the concept of lounge and Western bars.

Normally, you might need to book your place in advance since Baxtersmith normally gets very crowded every night. In Baxtersmith Dining, you can choose to hang out in the acoustic lounge or upstairs (the bar). They normally have 2 different bands playing on weekends.

4. Holywings

Location: Jl. Epicentrum Tengah, Kuningan
Price: IDR200.000 / 2 persons
Dresscode: casual

Holywings is a very famous restaurant/bar that serves not only the best chicken wings in town, but also live bands. They have multiple branches in Jakarta, but to my personal preference, the one in Epicentrum is the best one.

The place is quite spacious and comfortable with a full band setup in the stage. Holywings often invites popular singers or bands to perform in all their branches every month. However, the inhouse band in Epicentrum is not bad at all.

Truly, Holywings is the place for you to sing your heart out while having the best time with your buddies.

5. Duck Down Bar

Location: Jl. Gunawarman No.61, Senopati
Price: IDR300.000 / 2 persons
Dresscode: casual

This is probably the only well known rock bar in Jakarta. Sure.. Radiohead, Blur, Guns N’ Roses, U2, or Succubus are famous among Indonesians, but mostly their songs aren’t played in bars. People prefer a more mainstream music that everybody can surely sing along.

However, when you step your foot in Duck Down Bar, you are greeted with grunge, rock n’ roll, or even alternative rock. And what’s even better is the crowds in Duck Down Bar genuinely enjoy the music, they come for the music. Duck Down Bar often have thematic nights in a week. On Sunday, you can find yourself enjoying older songs or even vinyls. While on Thursday night it’s usually a karaoke night.

The interior design of Duck Down Bar resembles underground bars that you can normally find in Britain. Do visit this unique bar and you might have a whole different perspective on Jakarta’s crowds.

6. Ms. Jackson

Location: Jl. Suryo No.15, Senopati
Price: IDR400.000 / 2 persons
Dresscode: smart casual

Another place in Senopati area that you should visit is Ms. Jackson. And no, it is not an Outkast’s song, it is a music bar that is almost a nightclub instead of a bar.

Ms. Jackson is the perfect choice if you come in a large group. Their live band is very enjoyable with unique selection of songs (although they still play top charts to get the crowds excited).

Please make a booking in advance when you plan to visit this place as they get really packed even until 1 am.

7. Artoz Whiskey and Cognac

Location: The Energy Building 2nd Floor, SCBD
Price: IDR700.000 / 2 persons
Dresscode: semiformal

Among all the list in this post, Artoz is probably the classiest and most elegant place to enjoy the night out. Be sure to dress smartly when you visit this place though to better fit in. Artoz is a whiskey bar with a collection of more than 500 whiskeys and cognacs, if that is your thing.

Artoz carefully hire its bartenders, hosts, and waiters as all of them actually have an extended knowledge on whiskey and cognac. So, if you want to learn more about whiskeys or cognacs, this is the right place to start.

hopefully this post can help giving you a better idea on Jakarta’s best bars with live bands. Which one is your favourite?

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